York County Directs Marcellus Shale Funds Toward Delta Parks, Recreation

Commissioners directed $25,000 to the study for the borough


By Flint McColgan

Residents of Delta in southern York County might soon get to enjoy public parks and other recreational development in their neighborhood.

At their regular Wednesday morning meeting, York County Commissioners directed $25,000 of the county’s share of Marcellus Shale impact funds for calendar year 2015 toward the borough to fund a recreational needs assessment study.

According to an Aug. 6 letter from Sherrie M. Wood, the secretary and treasurer of the borough, the study should be conducted to “assess the recreational program needs and feasible possibilities for citizens of all ages.”

There are currently no recreation or park areas in Delta.

Woods requested the funding in her letter and, on Monday, borough council members came to a public meeting with commissioners to urge them to consider the request.

Commissioner Doug Hoke said that Marcellus Shale impact funds are distributed to all 67 counties in the commonwealth based on a formula and is based on how much shale tax has been collected for the year. York County, which is not a drilling county, has received about $350,000 to $400,000 in funding each year.

“We can use it as long as we’re preserving land,” Hoke said. “Doing it for parks, trails, recreation. We used some for the rail trail. There’s a lot of different uses for it.”

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