About Us

Who are we?

A partnership of individuals with specific skill sets that can not only create a thriving magazine in the Shale industry, but also tackle challenges and obstacles to ensure the ongoing success of that publication.


Our backgrounds vary, but our commitment to goal-oriented business achievements does not.

Those skills sets include, but are not limited to: writing, editorial/advertorial, graphic design, pagination, providing a magazine and book projects’ clearing center, sales and marketing, audio-visual, website design, and digital and electronic pursuits.

What’s more – we add to those skill sets on a daily basis.

How? We are ever researching, learning, and adapting.

In some form or manner, these partners have known each other – even worked together – for more than 25 years. Familiarity, in this case, does not breed contempt, it provides stability.

And now, we come before you with perhaps, our most ambitious effort to date – a responsive, interactive magazine that we believe will become the benchmark of the Shale and Natural Gas Industry.

Ladies and Gentlemen we present to you, “The Shale Corridor,” a monthly, interactive, online magazine with hard copy accompaniment set to debut this spring.

In our preliminary conversations with industry leaders, they indicated to the team the need for such a magazine, especially regionally, that would thoroughly encompass -and represent – pertinent issues, trends and challenges within the Shale and Natural Gas Industry…..

…..”within” being the key word here.

(We’re going to launch a progressive magazine for the Shale Industry? Time to do extensive research……)

Each industry leader to a person stated that he or she could take me to any one of a number of business offices and show me stacks of industry magazines on Marcellus Shale. A search of the Internet over a two-month period revealed the same.

So why another magazine?…….even I started to wonder….

The experts, fortunately, were persistent and informative. We talked about the fact that while numerous Marcellus Shale magazines existed – few, if any focused on the people, the workers, the operations within the industry. Simply put – news of any kind seems to flow from the top on down and tends to hover more at the top.

Our target audience is within the industry: vendors, secondary contractors, frackers, water haulers and the service industry. But what about those people knocking down doors to become a part of the labor force? What are the bonding requirements, education needed, and certificates attained to enter that workforce?

An extensive search of the internet proved this conclusion correct – articles about the midstream industry are rare.

Moreover, there were even fewer articles regarding the financial and accounting side of the industry.

We now had a focus. We had a direction. We had a purpose.

The Shale Corridor will indeed target that audience and address salient issues within the Shale industry. But it – WE – will do so much more.

We intend to provide USEFUL information that not only benefits those within, but also those who are pursuing jobs in Marcellus and Utica Shale.

The magazine and its accompanying site will aggressively pursue stories involving: the Infrastructure, Drilling, Fracking, Technology, Legal Issues, Financial, Employment, Job Training, Growth, Shale Success Stories, Insight, Editorial/Op-Ed. Our staff writers will write these pertinent stories, but as well, we will always invite guest columns and articles by industry experts.

We would hope that the companies and corporations of our experts will contribute as well.

Remember those stacks of magazines in an office waiting room?

We don’t intend to be an archive before our time!

The Shale Corridor will be a responsive online magazine, updated daily with regular story updates, news blogs, embedded video feeds, and with Facebook and Twitter access.

The moment the magazine hits the newsstands – (DO THEY STILL EXIST?) – we do not sit idle. We are not only beginning work immediately on the next edition, but I will be updating existing stories in the current issue and blogging to keep readers abreast of the latest industry developments.

Our coverage area, at the outset, will focus on the Tri-State Area to include Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. But we also plan to be adaptive to include the Appalachian and Utica Shale plays – especially with moratoriums on the latter possibly being lifted this spring.