Week in Review: April 18th

These are the biggest articles circulating the natural gas industry for the week of April 18, 2016.

Kane Lawsuit Delays Natural Gas Royalties Settlement Payment – TribLIVE
By David Conti
Kathleen Kane, the Pennsylvania Attorney General, has embarked on far-reaching legal battle over natural gas royalties. The lawsuit delayed the payment of nearly $11 million in settlements to natural gas producers in the state.

Senate Passes Legislation Tailored to a Modern Energy Landscape – NY Times
By Coral Davenport
The Senate passed a new bill to better guide the nation’s fossil fuels with the evolving production of power. Known as the Energy Policy Modernization Act, the bill would adjust to the reconstruction of the energy landscape by promoting renewable energy, improved energy efficiency, and cut some greenhouse gas pollution.

Shale War’s Collateral Damage: Europe’s Gas Prices – Bloomberg
By Anna Shiryaevskaya
Europe is bloating with low-priced natural gas in an attempt to fight off overseas competition. Russia and Norway have flooded the market with a record amount of fuel as the price of U.S. natural gas has lowered. Both countries are protecting their market share from anyone seeking to take it, according to the President of Eurasian Enterprises.

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