Week of Review: April 11th

Here are the biggest articles circulating the shale and natural gas industry for the week of April 11th, 2016.

Why Crude Oil Prices Keep Taking us by Surprise – VOX
By Brad Plumer
Though most people understand how global economics and oil prices are interlaced, analysts are largely surprised by the swing of oil prices. A paper recently published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives reveals that demand, unexpected technological changes, political crises, and failure to predict the future are key reasons why oil prices take analysts by surprise.

Oil Surge Fuels Stocks to Metals as Demand for Haven Assets Ebbs – Bloomberg
By Inyoung Hwang and Dani Burger

Oil prices passed $42 a barrel this week, skyrocketing stocks prices around the world. Stock prices of U.S. energy producers rose by 2.8% and are expecting to rise to 3.2% this year. Crude has exceeded it’s 14% climb this year, but is predicted to drop due to U.S. shale production.

Life Wouldn’t by the Same Without Natural Gas – The Detroit News
By John Dulmes

Shale in Michigan, and throughout the Eastern U.S., provides heat and jobs. Nearly 80% of homes in Michigan use natural gas for heating and residents are expected to see an 18% reduction in their natural gas bills because of the increase in natural gas production. Residents fear anti-fracking groups could jeopardize natural gas as a source of heat and power for factories.

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