Required Information For An Oil And Gas Royalty Statement


In 2013, the Pennsylvania Legislature passed a law that requires Oil and Gas producers to provide a minimum amount of information related to Oil and Gas production and royalties (e.g., the amount of gas produced, the selling price, and other related information).

That information includes:

  1. A name, number or combination of name and number that identifies the lease, property, unit or well or wells for which payment is being made; and the county in which the lease, property or well is located.
  2. Month and year of gas production.
  3. Total barrels of crude oil or number of Mcf of gas or volume of natural gas liquids sold.
  4. Price received per barrel, Mcf or gallon.
  5. Total amount of severance and other production taxes and other deductions permitted under the lease, with the exception of windfall profit tax.
  6. Net value of total sales from the property less taxes and deductions from paragraph (5).
  7. Interest owner’s interest, expressed as a decimal or fraction, in production from paragraph (1).
  8. Interest owner’s share of the total value of sales prior to deduction of taxes and deductions from paragraph (5).
  9. Interest owner’s share of the sales value less the interest owner’s share of taxes and deductions from paragraph (5).
  10. Contact information, including an address and telephone number.

If you receive royalties for Oil and Gas, it is advisable to review your royalty statement and verify that it complies with these requirements.

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