PA House Energy Chair Calls Marcellus Shale “Game Changer” For the State

state-seal-pennsylvaniaPenn Business Daily

By Kasey Schefflin-Emrich

The oil and natural gas industry supports a large portion of jobs in Pennsylvania, with the number of jobs increasing in areas where the Marcellus Shale is being developed.

The rock formation, located under approximately 60 percent of Pennsylvania, is quickly becoming one of the world’s largest natural gas fields and is considered to be “a game changer for Pennsylvania” by House Environmental Resources and Energy Chair state Rep. Ron Miller.

“The Marcellus Shale development has been very important in helping Pennsylvania weather the great economic recession,” Miller said in an interview with Pennsylvania Business Daily. “Marcellus Shale gas well exploration, well development and pipeline construction helped spur job creation across most of the state. Today, we are seeing the beginnings of an industrial and manufacturing rebirth in the Commonwealth resulting from inexpensive energy and plentiful raw materials as a result of the Marcellus.”

In addition to job creation, residents are experiencing increases in personal income and governments are benefiting from increased revenue from the impact fee on gas wells.

Miller said the current state regulatory framework has evolved to meet the challenges created by Marcellus Shale and new industries that experience explosive growth should be analyzed to sustain the growth.

“Continual evaluation is required to assure the regulations adequately provide for environmental protection while allowing the economic benefit of gas development to continue for Pennsylvania residents and the state,” Miller said.

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