Natural Gas Well Positioned for Coming Winter, Industry Group Says

natural-gas-rig_300x224Fuel Fix

HOUSTON — America’s Natural Gas Alliance, an industry group that represents producers, said that a large investment in infrastructure and a rapid buildup in inventories has made more natural gas available this winter than last, despite 2014’s cold winter that left storage of the fuel at decade-long lows.

Natural gas is a common fuel for both home heating and electricity generation, and is relied upon heavily as energy needs for both of those sectors rise during the winter months. Last winter, spot prices in several markets spiked as temperatures fell. This winter, said America’s Natural Gas Alliance President and CEO Marty Durbin, producers have been working hard to rebuild inventories and ensure a constant supply.

About $19 billion in investment in natural gas infrastructure came online in 2014 and has opened new routes for natural gas to flow to markets that need gas the most, according to ANGA figures. More than half of the that investment has been in infrastructure-constrained areas such as the Northeast, executives said.

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