Natural Gas is Killing Coal

oil-well-pumpNatural gas is anticipated to exceed coal as America’s power source in 2016, according to Energy Information System.

For years, coal has been the primary source of energy in the United States. It’s powered light bulbs, hospitals, and computers. But coal’s grip on the industry is weakening. 2016 is predicted to be the first year in recorded history that coal won’t be the largest source of energy generation.

Business Insider attributes the rise of natural gas to the lowering costs of alternative fuels and environmental concerns regarding coal.

CSX highlighted the issues in its quarterly earnings call on Tuesday, reporting that shipments of coal have decreased by 31% in the last year. Officials from the company say declining coal shipments are due to the lowering price of natural gas.

Looking ahead, coal is expected to account for less than 25% of the U.S. energy market by 2035.

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