Global power provider reveals oil, gas industry strategy change

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By Luke Geiver

David Dickert has experienced the impact of fluctuating oil prices during his time heading the oil and gas division for global temporary power provider Aggreko. Since entering the North American shale energy industry in plays ranging in location from the Bakken to Brazil, Dickert and his team believe they’ve found a way to navigate the ever changing needs of their most consistent clients: oil producers. The team’s success, particularly in the Bakken, is related to the emphasis it puts on service scalability and reliability, Dickert said. “We’ve found that if you are able to deliver those two you are meeting the needs of industry,” he said.

For the Bakken, the Aggreko team has worked with many producers to deploy a myriad of systems capable of reducing associated gas emissions while providing temporary power to artificial lift systems and other client needs. Until recently, the team was working to provide short term power solutions to producers operating under aggressive drilling and production schedules. “We are working more with customers now to enhance temporary power economics than we ever were before,” he said. “If you asked me last year what we were doing I would tell you that were putting applications together to respond to the massive influx of production sites coming online. Today, it has switched.”

According to Dickert, walking into a producers boardroom a year ago and talking about improving economics would be unlikely. Instead, the question from Aggreko’s producer clients would have been “how can you help me keep up with what I’m trying to do?”

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