Forward Township Road to Gas Well Waits for Repairs

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By Katelyn Ferral

Driving along parts of Pangburn Hollow road in Forward Township is an exercise in precision steering.

The residential Allegheny County road that runs to EQT’s Oliver West gas well is gone in several places, the only pavement left a yellow-lined strip in the middle.

“There literally is no road to drive on the whole right side,” said Jaqueline Webb, who lives on Pangburn, about 400 yards from the EQT well. “In the last two months that road isn’t even drivable.”

Pangburn Hollow has been in disrepair for years. The road is a patchwork of asphalt, islands of blacktop sticking up from layers of past pavings. Drilling truck traffic has made it worse, neighbors say. Township officials have lobbied Allegheny County to fix it, EQT says they’ve offered to help pay too, but still the road waits.

The county has received more than $3.6 million in impact fees that gas companies are required to pay local governments, but none of that has filtered down to Pangburn Hollow. Township officials say the county has been relatively unresponsive to requests.

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